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Hostgator is mostly known for its web hosting services however recently they’ve released a new product called the Gator builder. Oh supposedly it allows you to build websites fast without coding and cheap does that sound too good to be true. Well, I bought their services and in this article, I’m going to talk about the pricing model, the performance, the support, and features. you can expect from Gator builder so keep reading.

Gator Builder Price

If you would go to the whole cater website and click on the website builder option. You’ll be taken to their pricing plans and the Gator build their plan prices are seriously cheap.
A basic plan costs $3.84 per month that’s perfect for just creating a personal or a business website. Their e-commerce plan is $9.22 per month still very cheap.


$ 3.85 / mo*


$ 5.99 / mo*


$ 9.22 / mo*

Gator Builder vs Squarespace Vs Wix

Let’s compare this to the big boys is the best in the business. When it comes to website builders Squarespace and Wix. A basic Wix plan would cost you $17.90 while Squarespace would charge you $12.00 per month for a personal website plan and $18.00 per month for e-commerce suitable plans. This makes Gator builder roughly five times cheaper for personal and business websites and roughly two and a half times cheaper for e-commerce store owners.

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gator review

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Gator builder review

Now let’s get back to the gator builder review. There is no denying that the Gator builder is amongst the cheapest professional-grade website builders that are out there right now. But in terms of performance and features, do you get what you pay for or is it actually good. Well, It’s a mix of both of these things and let me explain.

The way Gator builder works is for you to buy their plan, Choose one of the pre-made templates that are already available for free. You can freely edit a template using drag-and-drop functionality. You can add features and sections or pages. you can remove what you don’t like and of course change the text as you wish. We posted up creating a website with Gator builder is actually really simple and intuitive. You have your website up and running in almost no time and then you can edit and customize it as much as you need so it fits your industry.

However, the template selection isn’t as good as something that Wix and Squarespace are offering. But it is important to remember that Gator builder is five times cheaper. So, it’s not one that they have fewer selections. The drag-and-drop functionality is seamless. You can choose from a wide variety of elements like buttons, images, videos, maps and much more. The best part Gator builder has no restrictions and you can place if these elements anywhere you like. Well, the editor they offer is top-notch and I really have little to no trouble using it their templates. Seem a bit lacking when compared to Wix or Squarespace but this is obviously to be expected because again Gator builder is five times cheaper and of course that they have to cut costs somewhere.

The Gator builder actually surprised me of how good. It is because nowadays web hosting companies actually like to develop their own website builders. Because it’s the new hot thing to do and when you’re using a website builder you can’t actually migrate your website to another web hosting provider. These semi-lock you in as the customer and since most website builders are just jumping on the trend. They’re often not very good. They seem rushed unfinished and just a mess in general. However, the Gator builder genuinely seems like. Your well thought out and design a product that’s finished for use meaning.

It includes web hosting a domain name for your website and that is a self-certificate. You get absolutely everything. You need to create a professional website yourself and using the templates Gator builder gave me. I created a super simple website and monitors how fast and stable.

Gator builder performance?

It is here are some performance data as always I’ve monitored the disability using uptime robot. It allowed me to track how often my website goes down. The website I made with the Gator builder was brutally stable in 50 days of monitoring. It didn’t go down at all scoring is 100% uptime. The website you will be making with Gator builder will autumn be adjusted for mobile and tablet devices.

The good news is that nothing seems to be broken. It looks nice and clean but I did notice that my mobile and tablet versions of the website load a little bit slower than the desktop one. So there’s still room for improvement from the gator builder side to make your mobile and tablet websites even faster.

gator review

What about Speed?

Using GD metrics, I’ve tested how well gator builder websites are optimized for speed. The results were okay but they’re obviously not as good as more expensive the WordPress solutions.

Gator Builder Review

The loading speed was fast for a website with so many images on it but clearly it could have been further improved by using your own images that you compress instead of the ones that the gator builder gives you.

Quick Tip: To Compress images, I highly recommend Tiny PNG

I actually recommend using tiny PNG for this. It’s always a good idea to compress images before uploading them to your site. If you’re looking for the best possible performance.

Gator builder Support

one feature that the Gator builder is offering that even Giants as weeks or Squarespace isn’t. It is 24/7 support to chat email and phone and to me, this is surprising because even if Wix or Squarespace isn’t able to do this.

I’m surprised that the Gator builder is able to do this and they throw in their support for plans that cost only four dollars a month. But this is definitely in night’s touch and this sets them apart from the competition keep in mind that their email support takes around one to two days to respond but the chat and phone support options are instant. You’ll most likely have your problems resolved the fastest by using the chat at least it’s my preferred way of communicating since I found it to be the most effective.

Even though the price and performance of the Gator builder are actually really good I still feel it’s important to mention that they are seriously lacking some features, for example, Wix has the Wix app market where you’re able to add some more advanced functionality to your website. The chat features forums booking services or even event management.

Overall, there are hundreds of apps to expand the functionality of your website with Wix and sadly Gator builder offers very little in terms of advanced functionality. So I can’t really recommend them. If you’re looking for a website that might depend on these extra features.


My verdict for the Gator builder will be a new product it’s probably under priced at the moment to get some initial traction. I definitely was not expecting it to be as good as it was for the low price that you are paying. If you don’t want to use WordPress. You don’t want to code and design. The website builds yourself and you think that existing website builders like Wix Weebly and Squarespace simply cost too much for the website that you’d need to make because you won’t be using any advanced functionality.

The gator builder is the perfect choice for you. Sure it might not be as advanced as existing options but do you really need all of that advanced functionality if you’re gonna pay for it. Because I often notice that people pay for these website builders and they pay a lot while creating just simple static websites that need to look good load, fast and be mobile and tablet responsive. The Gator builder will give you exactly that just five times cheaper. Their performance is good because these servers seem to be separate from other Hostgator products. So you’re not gonna be interfering with other people. Since the product is new you won’t be sharing it with a lot of existing customers.

If you’re looking to try out gator builder for yourself get a discount in the links down below and as always good luck making your websites.

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