Reliance JioFiber: Preview offer now closed for new users

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Reliance JioFiber has stopped offering preview offers to new users. Along with this, reliance jio fiber is also migrating users to paid plans, which until now were using plans with preview offer. In some areas, the company also offers free Jio decoders to these users. In the preview offer, users used to get 1100 GB of data each month at a speed of 100 Mbps and that too without any additional charge.

Now you can choose only the paid plan:

Even after the commercial launch, the company was offering preview offers to users for 2 months. However, now it is over. According to the Telecom Talk report, new users will now have to pay at least Rs. 699/- rupees each month for live fiber service.

Users have to pay Rs 2,500/- for a new Jio Fiber connection. It is refundable at Rs 1500/- and the company charges Rs 1000/- as an installation charge. With the new connection, users receive a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi router and an Oyeni box. With this, the free decoder will start giving soon.

Users of the preview offer are switching to a paid plan:

The company is now switching users of the Jio Fiber preview offer to paid plans. The company offers these users the option of establishing a connection or switching to a paid plan. The company is reimbursing users who have lost the connection.

This may increase the difficulty for Jio because due to the change to paid plans, there are only a few users who choose to use the Jio Fiber Service. While for most users, the connection to cut the connection is proving to be a profitable business.

Reliance jio fiber plans

Reliance JioFiber was launched commercially on September 5 2019. With the Jio Fiber connection, the company offered 6 plan options to users between Rs. 699/- and Rs. 8,499/-. Jio Fiber offered many free benefits to all its users along with their plans. However, these vary from one plan to another. Free benefits were offered along with the annual Jio Fiber plan.

Here we brief you in detail which Jio Fiber plan was offered.

1) Free voice call
The company offered free call benefits to all users who have a connection with Jio Fiber. With this, users can make unlimited free calls anywhere in the country.

2) TV video calls
Similarly, in all Jio Fiber plans, users will receive TV video calling services for free. Through this, users can make free video and conference calls anywhere in the world.

3) Live Start Gateway Router
In all Jio Fiber plans, users wil receive a free Jio Home Gateway router.

4) 4K decoder
Free 4K decoders were offered to users with annual Jio Fiber plans.

5) 6 watt Bluetooth speaker
Users who take the Jio Fiber Bronze Plan (8,388/- rupees per year) will receive a free 6-watt Bluetooth speaker. The monthly rent for this plan is 699/- rupees. In this plan, users will get 1200 GB of data for a year at a speed of 100Mbps.

6) 12W Bluetooth speaker
The 12-watt Bluetooth speaker will offered free to users with the Jio Fiber Silver plan that reaches Rs 10,188/- annually. In this plan, users will obtain 2400 GB of data for a year at a speed of 100Mbps. The monthly rent of the plan is 849/- rupees.​.

7) 24 inch HDTV
Users who subscribe to Jio Fiber Gold and Diamond plans will receive free HDTV. Users must pay Rs 29,988 for the annual subscription of the diamond plan. At the same time, to get free HDTV in the Gold plan, users must subscribe for two years, worth Rs 31,376. In the Gold plan, users will get 1200 GB (annually) at the speed of 250Mbps and 15,000 GB (annually) of data at the speed of 500Mbps in the Diamond plan.

8) 32 inch HDTV
Jio Fiber was offered 32-inch HDTV to users in its platinum plan. An annual subscription of this plan with a monthly rent of Rs 3,999/- comes for Rs 47,988/-. Data of 30,000 GB (annually) is offered in the plan at a speed of 1 Gbps.

9) 43-inch 4K HDTV
Users who take the Jio Fiber Titanium plan will get a free 43-inch 4K TV with an annual subscription. In this plan, users will obtain 60,000 GB of data for a year at a speed of 1 Gbps. The annual subscription price of the plan is Rs 101,999.

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