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Instant messaging app Whatsapp has recently added three new features. The first is about adding to a feature group, the second is about reminder and the third is related to call waiting. If you Know about all three features, read the full article.

Whatsapp, the most popular instant messaging app, constantly keeps adding new features. The company has recently added three new features. After the arrival of these features, your style of chatting will change to a great extent. In the new update, the first is related to adding feature groups, the second is about reminders and the third is related to call waiting. Here we are going to tell you in detail about these three features.

Control on Group Invite feature:

Have you also got upset with WhatsApp group and want to be sure that no one can add you to the group without asking you. This feature has now come in WhatsApp. Now WhatsApp has given this feature by changing the settings that you can decide yourself who can add you to the group. Until now, anyone could have added you to a group.

For this, you have to go to the settings of WhatsApp, then to Account, then to Privacy and then to Groups. Here you will see options for Who can add me to groups (Who can add you to a group). Here you can choose between Everyone, my contacts and my contacts except.

WhatsApp reminder feature:

Now you will also get reminders of important work on WhatsApp. Through this new tool, you will be able to create a task whose reminder will be available on WhatsApp. For this, users have to download Any.do. WhatsApp has partnered with Any.do. Any.do is a reminder app and has written in its blogpost that Any.do’s WhatsApp reminder integration is starting. Under this, you can create a reminder as soon as you are in the WhatsApp app. This app has to be linked to WhatsApp account. Then you will be able to set a reminder for any job and set its time.

The specialty of this feature will be that a reminder can be created only during the conversion. Any.do’s bot will help the user for this. For example, if you want to fix a meeting during the conversion or plan to go somewhere, then you will be given an idea to set a bot reminder of Any.do.

It is important to note that only those users who will be premium members of Any.do will be able to use this feature. You can use this feature in two ways. You can use it by visiting https://whatsapp.any.do/ or going to Any.do app.

You can tap this feature in Integration – Whatsapp by going to WhatsApp settings. Here you have to add a phone number and click send. As a text message, you will get six digit code and confirm it by writing it. You can set a reminder to start the task from here by turning on the reminder. Although this feature is not free, you will have to take a premium subscription to Any.do.

WhatsApp call waiting feature:

After the introduction of this feature, no call from the user will be missed. The first problem with voice calling was that when a user was on a call earlier, he did not see any other call. But now call waiting will appear.

For example, whenever a user is on a WhatsApp call and another tries to call it. In such a situation, he will see the call waiting. In this, he can also cut the call while waiting, or can cut the ongoing call and pick up the other call.

Now during the WhatsApp call, users are getting call waiting notifications. Now if users are talking to someone on the phone and another call comes on WhatsApp, then they will have the option to receive or cut it.

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