The new feature of Google Maps now local languages will speak

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Google Map will now speak local languages for you

The new feature of google maps now local languages will speak. Yes, It is great news by google update that now google maps include new feature to speak local language. The search engine company Google offers a large range of products to its users. Of these, the map is used by a large number of users. To make navigation easier, Google keeps trying to improve by bringing frequent updates on this app. Now Google has added a new feature to this popular app. Through this feature, Google Maps can now speak the name of a place in the local language i.e. local language.

Google Maps can navigate a place in a car, bike or public transport. Although it is a very easy process, if you are abroad, you may have trouble finding a place because you are not familiar with the local name. In such a situation, you may have to wander around for a long time until someone comes forward to help you in your language. Now Google Maps can solve this problem of yours. Google can now pronounce the name of a place in the local language.

How does this feature work?

To use this feature, enter the location information in Google and click on the speaker icon. After this, play the place name and address in the local language. Through this feature, maps can pick up the local language according to your location.

50 languages support:

Currently Google Maps supports 50 languages. The roll-out of this feature has been started for Android and iOS devices. That is, soon this feature will reach your device through an update.

So it is good for those who can not understand the English or Hindi. Google will guide you on your local language. Normally in case you’re in an unknown nation, Google Maps will show the English spot name pursued by the name in the neighborhood language beneath it. At some point this month, Google Maps will get another speaker button beside the nearby spot name, which will start up Google Translate’s content to-discourse motor. Up to this point, in the event that you expected to speak with a driver or request headings, you may have given over your cell phone and give them a chance to peruse the screen. Presently, however, you’ll have the option to have your telephone yell out the elocution in an incorporated Google Translate voice, or you can work on articulating the name yourself heretofore.

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